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Anyone fundraising for a cause they support can create a performance based campaign completely for free.

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How it Works

Earn support for your cause with every mile hiked, touchdown scored, rep completed or book read. Pick your stat. It's totally up to you!

Step 1: Create

Create your custom fundraising page in a matter of minutes. Pick your activity, your measurable units (touchdowns, golf holes completed, books read, etc.), target fundraising amount, and recipient of the funds.

Step 2: Share

Once your campaign is published, share it with your friends, family, and fans to engage them in the fun. Check out our fundraising guides to learn best practices.

Step 3: Pledge

Fans are excited to support you by donating toward each unit you choose. Watch the value of your performance go up with every pledge received.

Step 4: Perform

And last, do what you do best -- perform to the best of your ability. The better you do, the more successful you will be for your cause!

“With Pledge It, I know that every step I take has a purpose in it. Every step is worth something. Every step is helping fight cancer.”

Campbell Hendrix

Raised over $25,000 for cancer research

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