1. International Shipping For Your Business

This point means that you are given a chance to gain an advantage for your business. UPS provides services to your company that will help you to gain an advantage over other companies. They say their services are one of the best and you can utilize them. Hence you should read this very carefully in order to understand it. You can also use their international trade tool. Just click on this link.

2. Know Your Costs

This is very useful for any company using UPS. Why? this is because UPS helps businesses to know the cost upfront. It will prove to be a great help as you will be able to estimate your near future cost as you already know what will be the cost of your delivery or trade. UPS TradeAbility is hence very important and crucial. Managing business can be made more effective. When you know the landed cost, it will also help you to estimate the shipping cost, the custom cost, give you an idea of how much to ship and when, etc. Therefore we have also provided a link where you can Estimate Landed Cost.

3. Be Sure Before You Ship

Trade rules and compliances can get difficult hence you should know and understand the points. That is why we recommend you go through every paperwork before you finally ship your product. If you get anything wrong, it can cost you time and money both. Along with this delay in work. Well to avoid this from happening, UPS provides a service called denied party screener. This will provide you expertise on such things and will help you avoid making any small mistake. You can go through this link to use their services.

4. Easy Form Availability

UPS focuses on providing all the necessary information on international trade compliances. You will not have to spend your time finding the papers that will prepare your shipping. All such documents will be provided to you at your fingertips. We can also help you redirect to a page where you can have access to all the international forms.

5. Access To Country Codes

Different country has different codes hence you should know the country code where you want to ship your products. UPS TradeAbility services provide access to different country’s codes and you do have to waste your time finding it. You can even click here to find the codes now.

Other International Trade Tools & Technology

We know how hectic and slow it can be when your parcel goes through a customs check. UPS is always up to date with all the regulations needed but you must be too for a better understanding. Limit your risk and increase efficiency. Check out other international trade tools and technology.

UPS Paperless Invoice – You can log in to your account and directly input the commodity details and it will be electronically transferred and can help fasten the custom process.

EDI Services and XML Solutions – These are industry standards formats therefore, you get maximum compatibility with all the systems which make it easy to access data anywhere.


This brings us to the end. UPS TradeAbility services and the points mentioned above are very useful. You should definitely read it once before confirming your shipping. In case you have any doubts about this article then let us know in the comment section below. Click here for more: About United Parcel Services (UPS) Company & UPSers Policy – Return & Refund Services & UPS Terms & Condition Of Carriage Services [2019]